I am an enthusiastic business/administration/social media student of life, interested in obtaining a business/administration/social media position, offering creativity and critical thinking skills to help generate innovative ideas and gain industry experience. I endeavor to go above and beyond that which is expected of me and my position within whatever awesome company I get to work with.

I love to read, review and reproof. I LOVE finding typos and being ABLE to correct them (hopefully before you’ve published it!). My next favorite thing is ‘cleaning’ up and organizing. I like to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get all their systems in place: at home, in the office, on the back end of your WordPress site or all the randomly saved files on your desktop! I’m here to help in any capacity I can. I would love to hear about how I can help take the burden off your shoulders so you can do the things you really have a passion for: your vision, your dream, YOUR business.

Synth.Surber is At Your Service - Online Business Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager for Hire

I have experience as a brick and mortar Store Manager/Online Business Manager/Assistant Manager, Lead Clerk/TEAM leader, intern/apprentice/grunt, proofreader/copy writer/editor/beta reader/blogger, web designer/developer/manager, photo shoot assistant/stylist, display artist/merchandiser/buyer and Virtual Assistant/Girl Friday/Jill of all trades. Working towards a career in social media, marketing, journalism, public relations, English, business communications, and the communication arts. My main objective is to be At Your Service.